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Airbrush Cleaning & Repair


We work with many professionals in the Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles area; fixing, cleaning, and maintaining the materials of many of our industry-working artists. Whether a seasoned professional or just starting out, we carry a large selection of compressors, parts and paint for all your airbrush needs.


Having worked with Airbrushes for 20 years our store owner Chris Hauser is our resident Airbrush expert with Lee as his number two airbrush man. You can find both gentlemen in-shop throughout the week for any airbrush questions or services.

Artwork Photography


Store-owner and Photographer Jenia Hauser works from her studio on-site, offering her services to photograph original artwork and provide high-resolution files for printing or archiving purposes. 

Jenia's work can be seen in "The Art of George Gallo: A Contemporary American Impressionist", providing the high-quality photographs of artist George Gallo's oil paintings, as well as having photographed several pieces in Greg Aronowitz's "Hollywood Art Museum," a virtual reality museum accessible through Sansar. 

Please call Jenia at  818-795-5297 for more details or to schedule an appointment!

Canvas Stretching

If you have a piece of finished work that needs to be mounted or want an oddly-sized blank canvas, our seasoned stretchers can help you out. We can create a number of differently sized canvases custom ordered to your needs;

prices varying depending on canvas size, fabric type, stapling and bar sizes.


We carry an assortment of both linen and cotton (primed or unprimed, bars ranging from 8" - 72" and can order extra large bars for those supersized projects.


Call or come in today for a specialized quote!

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